10 Christmas Present Ideas

Christmas is coming closer and you still need presents? Worry not, here are 10 witty gift ideas for everyone!

#1: Nintendo Classic Mini
The perfect gift for retro fans and geeks! Nintendo brought back the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in a smaller version with 30 preinstalled games. Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Metroid, Dr. Mario and more are on board. Due to the limited quantity produced, the console is offered overpriced at many retail shops so be careful (don’t pay more than 100$). Try your luck on eBay.


#2: SpiritHoods animal cap
Find the spirit of the wild this winter! SpiritHoods located in L.A. offers these trendy hoods and hits the nerv of the young and trendy community. 10% of the sales proceeds will be donated for the preservation of endangered animal species. Available here!


#3: EcoSphere
1991, the University of Arizona started a research experiment called “Biosphere 2“. The goal was to demonstrate that an artificial closed ecosystem with plants and animals is viable. Now, you can bring a small ecosystem on your desk! Ecosphere is a glass vessel that contains oxygen, algae and bacteria and is self-regulating. Available here.


#4: Cat Burger Pillow
This is the right present for cat owners! Give your cat a relaxed sleep in this comfortable burger shaped pillow! Available here.


#5: Edo Cardboard Bricks

The ideal gift for children and everyone who would like to be a child again: Imagine you could play Minecraft but in real life! Funded with kickstarter, the italian company Edo makes this dream true and offers sets of cardboard bricks to build your own castle, tower, tree and more. Available here.


#6: Tea Blossom
With tea as a gift you can almost never be wrong. Especially when its packed like this. You simply put this tea blossom ball inside a teapot, add water and wait for it to blossom in full splendor! Available here.


#7: 1000 places to see before you die
If you have someone in your family who likes to read and travel, we have something for him or her. The book contains 1000 places you should visit in your life, including description. Available here or at you local book store.


#8: Sand pictures
This decorative image contains a liquid and sand which slowly falls to the ground and draws beautiful shapes. Available here.


#9: 3D chess
This is an all-time classic and especially interesting for Star Trek fans. If normal chess is too easy for you, try adding another dimension! Available here.


#10: Wooden wallet
Everybody needs a wallet. But if you want to stand out of the crowd, why not using a wallet made out of wood? The Austrian company Wogenfels produces different products based on wood. Available here.

Still looking for the right present? Try your luck here!

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