How walkable is your neighborhood? Get the walkscore!

A lot of people enjoy a walk in their neighborhood, smell the different flavors of your city (okay, that’s not always an enjoyment) see new shops rising and people from different countries passing by. Especially in large cities, there are lot of interesting places to walk through, but which are the best? The website tries to measure how walkable a location is.


You can select any location in the world and get a score from 0 (not walkable at all) to 100 (very walkable) in return. How the application exactly calculates the score is unknown but it mainly uses Google Maps data to get shops, landmarks and other places of interest around a specific location for scoring. For example, the Times Square in New York City has a walk score of 100, same applies to the city of London. If a location is completely car dependent, the score rushes to 0. Give it a shot to find out, how walkable your city is!

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