10 of the most creative commercial logos ever created

For successful businesses, a strong brand is always based on a strong logo which represents the company itself, its values and the message it wants to deliver. It’s an important symbol of identification and for designers not quite easy to create. Sometimes, it’s also an ungrateful work as the woman on the next picture can tell. Here name is Carolyn Davidson. Never heard of her? She is the creator of one of the most famous logos in the world: Nike!

Davidson initially only got 35$ for her design called “Swoosh”. It represents a wing of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Lucky her, several years later, the sporting goods manufacturer had mercy and gave Davidson a Nike stock portfolio which nowadays has a net worth over 500k $.

So, what characterizes a good company logo? For me, these 4 attributes are key:
1) It should be puristic, good composed and harmonic. If it’s easy to memorize, those three factors probably apply.
2) It should be scalable. This means, the logo should be recognizable when it’s printed on a stamp but also, when it’s printed on a billboard.
3) The logo should still be useable in monochrome (e.g. grayscale) and should not be depended on a certain color composition.
4) Last but most important: The logo should bring the observer in the right mood. It should give the customer the feeling, the company wants to deliver. For example, insurance or finance companies may not use a colorful modern-art-like logo but prefer clean lines and decent colors to convey integrity and reliability.

And here they are, 10 of the most creative logos ever created!

1) TUI
The German travel company got its current logo in 2001 after an extensive CI redesign. The company wants to “bring a smile” on the faces of its customers and has put this slogan in its logo.

2) Greenlabs
Greenlabs is a Russian design agency. Unlike the logo suggests, the company has nothing to do with environment protection or organic food, it’s just a simple design agency which is a bit a contradiction to rule #4 but the combination of the brain and the trunk with the word “Greenlabs” is a master’s stroke and worth to be mentioned.


3) Spartan Golfclub
The Spartan Golfclub is located in North Carolina and a union of amateur gold players. The logo shows to things: On the one hand a golf player, on the other hand the profile view of a soldier wearing a Crista which is – in the imagination of most people – associated with Spartans.


4) Tour de France
The Tour de France logo was designed in 2002 by Joel Guenoun. The yellow dot is on the one hand the front tire of the bicycle which formed together with the O, U and R and on the other represent the Maillot Jaune (the yellow jersey the leading cycler wears).



5) Sony Vaio
Sony is not producing notebooks anymore, however, its logo design for VAIO computers still remains inspiring. The V and A form a wave which stands for analog while the I and O form a 1 (One) and a 0 (Zero) which represents binary/digital. The meaning behind the logo is the combination of analog and digital technology.


6) The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium
This is another one of these ambiguous images which is interpreted as a tree or two animals: A lion and a gorilla.


7) North River
North River is a Canadian company. The logo presents the capital letter N as well as a river.


8) Piano Forest
This is just a conceptual logo and not a real company. Although because of its unique design I thought, it deserves attention. The logo consist of 5 trees which can also be seen as parts of a piano. Simple and amazingly clever designed.


9) Wunderlist
Wunderlist is a task management tool and was acquired by Microsoft in 2015. The logo represents a bookmark sign and the letter W.


10) AquaPhoenix
AquaPhoenix is a water quality testing company. Unsurprisingly the logo consists of a Phoenix in the form of (and this makes it an awesome logo) a drop.


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