Visual Studio Development DEP0001 error [SOLVED]

When you use Visual Studio 2013 or 2015 as your IDE and you’re developing Cordova Apps, you maybe stumbled across a weird error saying “DEP0001: Unexpected error” followed by a strange number like -1988945906 or -2145615869 when you try to deploy your app to your Windows Phone device. You may also see an error called “BootstrapAsync returned false”.


This is most likely caused by a faulty connection to your device. To fix this, press Windows Button + R and type in services.msc


Then service for “Windows Phone IP over USB Transport (IPoverUSBsvc)” and make sure it is running (right click – Start)


Also make sure that you uninstall any previous version of your app on the device before.
If “Windows Phone IP over USB Transport” doesn’t show up in your services list, IpOverUsb is not installed on your Computer. Make sure you’ve installed the right Windows Phone SDK (if you’re testing on Windows Phone 8, you’ll need this one).

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