Need quick statistical data and country comparison on your phone? Here is INQStats!

Big Data and Open Government Data are still hot topics in the world of IT. The huge amount of data that is produced every day makes it challenging to find patterns and helpful information out of the big rest we don’t need. A lot of Start-Ups are trying to make the process of structuring information easier and quite often, nice tools are released. The Austrian Start-Up inqubu has recently published an app called INQStats that focuses on data derived from international organizations. Data can be displayed as line charts or in a world map which makes it easy to compare countries among each other.

Here is a list of data sets that are currently available in INQStats:

  • Population
  • Birth rate
  • Death rate
  • Homicide Rate
  • Human Development Index
  • Internet users
  • Literacy rate
  • Life expectancy
  • Median age
  • Migration rate
  • Education expenditure
  • Health expenditure
  • GDP
  • Unemployment rate
  • Public debts

… and some more. Since there are not a lot apps available in the app store that offer statistical data of all countries of the world, INQStats is a good choice if you need country statistics frequently. Additional feature: INQStats doesn’t need an Internet connection, data is stored locally.

inqstats   inqstats_2

The app is free available on the Google Play Store and for Windows Phone. And: There are no ads! Give it a try!

Get it on Google Play   Download from Windows Store

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