The Hidden Arts Initiative (HAI)

Today we present to you the “Hidden Arts Initiative” (HAI). HAI’s objective is to collect and present pieces of hidden art around the world made by artists or average people in a long or short working period. In our opinion, art is the result of a creative process, a work which influences or inspires people. Hidden Arts are those artworks, which seem to be totally normal or usual at first glance. Only at second glance however, it becomes clear to the observer that something special or unusual hides behind the facade of “normal”. The Hidden Arts Initiative wants to raise awareness for the small pieces of art and beauty in our world. HAI is completely independed of any organization, political party or company. HAI refuses to take donations or money, all we want is to inspire you to see the little beautiful things in life.

Periodically, we will publish pictures, videos or texts about Hidden Arts on this blog. Everyone is invited to share and contribute hidden artworks and spread the idea of the Hidden Arts Initiative!

Today we start with a small piece of hidden art, made by a stranger in Nikko (Japan). He just arranged some stones on the walkway so that they would look like a turtle. It doesn’t took long time to do this, but most people didn’t pay attention to some stones near the way and this makes it special and it is an ideal example of a hidden artwork.


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