The confusion of political parties and their ideology

I todays politics, there are basically two political camps: The left wing and the right wing. And there are basically two types of political engagement: A tempered and liberal one and an extremist-violent one. As I’ve noticed, especially people from the left wing tend to have a blurred view on these types, they think that political parties of the left wing are always tempered and liberal and parties of the right wing are extremists. In fact, both wings can have extremist tendencies the more you depart from the middle.

Two extreme examples of extremist left wing organizations are the Worker’s party of North Korea and the “Rote Armee Fraktion” (RAF). Both organizations used or use violence to supress political enemies. In fact, their mind-set is or was as totalitarian as those of the dictatorship in Germany by the National Socialists or the Italian Fascism. So, the political view is not a straight line were left stands for tempered and right for extremist, it is a circle where both side can drift into extremist views on the end. Keep that in mind.


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