Think about it


1) If the universe is constantly expanding – in what is it expanding?
2) If you choke a Smurf what color does it turn?
3) What happens if you travel back in time and kill your own father before you were born?
4) Why is a male lady bug also called a lady bug?
5) How can you find out, if a word is misspelled in the dictionary?
6) Why is there no other word for synonym?
7) Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?
8) Why do you need an appointment to visit the clairvoyant?
9) Why does the clock rotate to the right and not the left?
10) What will happen if Pinocchio says: My nose will grow.
11) How come “Keep off the grass”-signs in the middle of the lawn?
12) If I really want to lose a game and I lose – Do I win the game?
13) Can you die in the living room?
14) If you punch yourself and it hurts – does that mean you are strong or weak?
15) If every rule has exceptions, who tells me if this exceptions isn’t part of the rule?
16) If everybody is different – does that mean we are all the same?
17) If I drink alcohol and I’m an alcoholic, does this mean if I drink Fanta I’m fantastic?
18) What language will babies learn to speak if you never talk to them?
19) If money is the root of all evil, why do they ask for it in the church?
20) Can the sentence “I know that I don’t know anything” ever make sense?
21) Does a picture of thousands words say more than a thousand words?
22) Are people who fight for peace really peaceful?
23) If my enemy’s enemy is my friend, is my friend’s friend my enemy?
24) If video games make you violent, does Monopoly make you a millionaire?
25) If someone doesn’t learn a language – can he think?
26) If you make a hole all through the world – what would happen if you jump into it?
27) If someone tells me not to take advices from others – should I take this advice?

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