Twitch plays Pokemon

What happens if you start a game and everyone in the world can play it. The same game. The same character. Simultaneously. By entering the commands (left, right, up, down, A, B) in a chat.

Chaos? Fun?

A bit of both! The game Pokemon Red is running on an emulator and streamed live by About 80.000 people are permanently watching it and entering commands in the chat next to it. Since everyone can participate and a lot of guys press just anything, the main character makes a lot of useless moves, the game menu is opened permanently it takes a decade to go from one city to another. But, the game is running 5 days now and the community has already collected 4 badges (of 8). It’s like a social experiment to see, how long it takes a community with a lot of ghost drivers, to finish the game.

Furthermore, the community can decide if they want anarchy or democracy by posting these two keywords in the chat. If the majority votes for democracy, the command most commonly typed in a certain time period will be executed. Currently, the community is more on the democratic side.

If you wanna play or just watch, follow this link.

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