Vegans and their sermon

A family member of mine is vegan. That means, she doesn’t eat any products from animals: Cheese, milk, eggs, meat. Since I’m a defender of the human right for self-determination, I wouldn’t care what she eats. The big problem however is that she cares what I eat and she doesn’t miss any opportunity to lecture me.


Every time when the family has lunch or dinner together, you can be sure that she tells everyone who sits next to her and ordered a piece of meat that immoral and the meat eater is Satan himself. Meat eaters support factory farming and are responsible for the suffering of thousands animals.

Up to this point, I understand her opinion. But it’s getting ridiculous when we eat products from our own animals (some family members are farmers). I see the chickens with my own eyes, I see that they are treated well and they don’t suffer. Why the hell can’t I eat the egg of this chicken? The chicken lays the egg no matter what. If it is not eaten, it will rot. So why do people refuse to eat this egg? Her opinion is: Chickens are cultured to lay eggs every day. Wild chickens don’t lay eggs every day and it is exhausting for the chicken to produce the egg. So it is bad to support this.

The truth is: Humans use breeding since they became sedentary. The origins of wild corn and wild vegetables were very small and the gain was little, so humans selected the biggest plants and seeds and reselected the biggest plants of the next generation again and again till they got bigger plants. This is breeding in a basic way! The same happened with animals. Humans are hunters and gatherers, the teeth itself tell us, that we can bit meat and crush corn or plants with our molars. Our intestine can digest meat as well as plants and if we look back in human history, animals were eaten since the development of human beings.

And suddenly in our modern world were all want to be hipsters and everyone wants to dissociate oneself from everyone, products from animals are bad.  Vegans get very aggressive when you stop them after they have started to preach and they are talking a bad conscience into people. It is scientifically proven that a varied meal is good for the human body and that you get malnourished if you just eat salad and tofu. Don’t get me bring, it’s perfectly ok to stop eating meat because you don’t want to support animal farming but why should you stop eating animal products from a farm when you know, the animals are treated well? No vegan can answer this question but gets even more aggressive (because they know that they are wrong).

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