Esotericism, magic and how to earn money with the desperation of people

Imagine you are terminally ill and no doctor of medicine can help you. In some cases, you may stop classic therapy because cancer treatment for example basically tries to kill the tumor but kills a lot of “good” cells in the human body as well. When Steve Jobs found out that he has cancer, he didn’t follow classical medicine first but tried complementary and alternative medicines like acupuncture. With no success. Steve Jobs was despaired due to his disease and believed in quacks who promised him to heal cancer only by their healing hands.


Especially in Germany, a big business area was established in the last 20 years concerning esotericism, magic, amulets and cures. All of these methods have in common, that there effect cannot be proven scientifically. In most cases, the vendor says, cosmic or old energies from Atlantis are used to energize our meal or your body. There is a very popular woman who did good business in this area called Ariane Le Clerk. Ariane Le Clerk says about herself she was a former stewardess, author and anchorwoman. And now she sells esoteric products.

If you click on her website you’ll find a shop full of products based on AMQ. AMQ stands for “Atlantis Matrix Quantenheilung”. Her definition of this is healing based on the frequency of quantum physics. If you are a physicist and this makes no sense to you – congratulations, that’s the point. Ariane Le Clerk tells the visitors that the Senior Council of the sunken city of Atlantis actually invented quantum physics and could heal everything by using some magic utensils. Unfortunately, Atlantis went down and the knowledge was lost a long time. But thanks to Ariane Le Clerk, she rediscovered everything in 2012 and now we all can enjoy the knowledge of the Senior Council of Atlantis! If you don’t believe me, go to her side and translate it in your language.

Well, unfortunately, before you can get the power of the Senior Council of Atlantis and the Atlantis Matrix Quantum Healing, you have to pay. You have to buy some stuff first or you have to go to a licensed coach and pay for some seminars to get all the secret and old knowledge of the Senior Council of Atlantis.

Check this out: A set of six flashlight costs you only 698€ (~ 950 USD). But this light is special, it is coupled with starlight and this was invented by – have a guess – the Senior Council of Atlantis! The Atlantis Matrix Quantum Healing starlight therapy set consists of six bars in different colors. Blue represents the queen of the dolphins ADEVANA. The light of this flashlight appeases you and can be used to heal fever, inflammations and neurodermatitis.


Ariane Le Clerk has a TV show and sells her products over a chancel specialized on esoteric products called AstroTV. Recently, Ariane Le Clerk posted a picture of her flat and – what can I say – it is huge:


Tells me, if you also want a big flat and a huge TV, just invent some stories about magic powers of a historic nation and sell your cheap products made of plastic on your website. And try to get some appearances on TV to reach a big number of people. But don’t forget to name your magic power in a suitable way. Try to use words like “galaxy” or “cosmic” or even words borrowed from sciences like “quantum” or “matrix”.

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