Windows 8 – Music Maven App solutions / Lösungen

In music maven one has to listen to famous songs or sounds and guess their title. If you run Windows 8 or higher, you can download the app for free here. If you stuck somewhere, here are the solutions for the first 40 levels:


Level 1: James Bond
Level 2: We are the Champions
Level 3: My Heart will go On
Level 4: Mission Impossible
Level 5: Eye of the Tiger
Level 6: No Woman No Cry
Level 7: Knight Rider
Level 8: Ghost Busters
Level 9: Chariots of Fire
Level 10: Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Level 11: Star Trek
Level 12: Indiana Jones
Level 13: The Flintstones
Level 14: For Elise
Level 15: Imagine
Level 16: Moonlight Sonata
Level 17: Pennylane
Level 18: Walk the Line
Level 19: The Four Seasons
Level 20: New York, New York
Level 21: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Level 22: Forrest Gump
Level 23: One Moment in Time
Level 24: Bolero
Level 25: My Way
Level 26: Swan Lake
Level 27: Pomp and Circumstance
Level 28: Hungarian Dances
Level 29: Mad World
Level 30: Baby Elephant Walk
Level 31: Tears in Heaven
Level 32: The Entertainer
Level 33: Time to say goodbye
Level 34: MacGyver
Level 35: Beethoven Symphony no 5
Level 36: Country Roads
Level 37: Time of my life
Level 38: Baywatch
Level 39: The Bare Necessities
Level 40: Total Eclipse of the Heart

You can find the solutions for lvl 41-70 here!

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