How big is Wikipedia?

Have some of you ever thought about how big Wikipedia actually is? How many articles are there and how many byte of data is stored at their servers? I’ve collected some numbers which are public available, here we go:


  • There’re over 17 million different entries and articles in the database in 285 languages
  • Every minute, 6 new Wikipedia articles are published
  • The total size of all texts of Wikipedia are just about 10GB. Yes, you read correctly. But that’s just text, if we would also consider images, it would be a lot more.
  • Due to, users spend about 4 and a half minute on Wikipedia on average. It’s the 6th most visited website in the world with 14 million unique visitors a day.
  • 20% of all visitors are from the USA.
  • The Google PageRank for Wikipedia is 9. The highest value is 10.
  • There are currently 80,000 active editors which make more than 4 edits a month.

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