The most bizarre, expensive or awesome goods on Amazon

On you can buy nearly everything. They sell about 42 million books, 28 million songs, 21 million electronic equipment, 3 million toys and games and about 18 million sports and outdoor items. However, there’re some real jewels and strange things under this enormous number of goods too. Let’s start with a security gadget: A vehicle bomb detection system for one million dollar:


And – wow – there’s even a customer rating there: 1 star. You can take it to the bank that this reviewer hasn’t bought this for real must is just fooling arround but it’s also not quite sure if this vehicle bomb detection system really exists or if it’s just a joke too.

Next cool thing: A playsystem! If you have enough money (at least about 38K USD) and you want your kids to love you – buy this:


Normal kids go to the playground – in rich families, the playground comes to the kids.

One thing I will definitely buy if I have enough money in the far future is this one: A full-size T-Rex in attacking-position:


It makes no sense at all to put this dino in your garden but look how cute he is! And if you have bad neighbors, you can set it up in a way, it can take away all daylight from the houses arround you.

Last but not least, the most expensive item I’ve found on Amazon so far:


452,000,000,000,000.00 USD! In words: Fourhundred fifty-two trillion dollars for a spanish Linux book. But that’s not the part which scares me, it’s the delivery charge: 4 USD! What a check!

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