Sony’s PS 4 UI looks like Windows 8

If you take a closer look at the new User Interface of Sonys nextGen game console, you will notice some striking similarities to Windows 8.


First of all, Sony’s uses tiles to present content. Microsoft has implemented a tile-driven user interface in Windows 8 a year ago and was roughly criticized for this. Of course, using a controller of a console leads to different requirements of the user interface than using a mouse, but in fact, both have the same primary goal: Give a clear impression, what a button does or what a user can expect when he clicks or taps a tile. Additionally, the button must be optimized for the primary input mode. In case of Windows 8, these are fingers – that’s why tiles are bigger than classic desktop icons. For a game console UI, big tiles are not implicitly necessary but look a way better than small icons.

As a conclusion, Sony made a good choice using a tile user interface, however, the obvious suspicion is that Sony was inspired by Windows 8. If you ask me, I make the prediction that a tile UI will be broadly accepted by most users in 2 years. Microsoft was just ahead of the curve.

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