Youtube error message

Sometimes, but very rarely, Youtubes doesn’t work. And sometimes, a page like this appears:


What we’re seeing here is the message that a “500 Internal Server Error” appeared.

Sorry, something went wrong.
500 Internal Server Error
A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.
If you see them, show them this information.

In fact, the protocol HTTP which is used by browsers and webservers to ask and serve webpages and data has different types of status codes to tell the client what is going on. A “500” status code usually means, the server was not able to process the request of the server – the reason is unclear for the client.

The interesting part follows at the end: Google jokes, we should give the monkeys a kind of error-code if we see them. Since Google is well known for its Easter Eggs and hidden messages, I’ve tried to figure out if there’s some deeper meaning behind this code – with no success. I got the message a couple of times and the code was always different – totally random in my opinion. I’ve tried to apply some of the simple decryption-methods like the Vigenere cipher to check, if it’s maybe an encrypted text – with no success neither. So I guess, the code is meaningless and just a random sequence of characters. But, if a Google employee reads this and knows more about it, it would be awesome if you leave a comment to this post. Thx!

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