Your neighbor is a criminal

Ok, for Americans, the following text will be nothing special. For everyone else, it might be surprising that in the United States, there’s a service called where all the crimes of a city are listed on a map. The service is offered by the local and national authorities and lists every kind of crime from a classic Theft to Assaults with Deadly Weapons.


But that’s not all: You also see exactly, if a sex offender is living next to you! You see the full name, gender, height, age and a brief description of the criminal case. The map is linked with the “State sex offender Registry” too. On this website, you can search by name for all sex offenders registered by the police. Before you can enter the site you will be advised that any attack on the offender is punishable. It’s easily possible to find out where the sex offender lives and who is, because address, name and photo are open accessible for all! So, this situation leads to a dilemma. What is better: Should the public know who lives in the house next door in order to protect themselves from abuses? Or is it self-evident that former sex offenders also have a right for privacy? In most countries, the second option is predominant. The US has decided to outlaw these criminals.

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